Challenge #8 Jeremy Camp

Hey Guys and Gals... we only have 1 entry for our current icon challenge, so we will be extending the contest for 2 more days...

New Deadline: Saturday, October 22nd

Rules: They are still the same as before, you may use any Jeremy Camp images/lyrics that you want. You may also submit up to 2 icons...

Love God, Love Others, Take Time to Listen. . .

Challenge #8 ; Jeremy Camp

Rules: You may use any Jeremy Camp images(s) that you want // Credit for any brushes or extra graphic resources you use (If you have a credits page you can just reference to that) // For this challenge you can make one or two 100x100 icons // No animation // Moderators can join in too!

Please have all entries in by the Thursday, the 20th of October. Submit your entries by commenting on this entry with them :)

Good luck!

(PS. The votes were 4 for Jeremy Camp, and 4 for Barlow girl, so I asked a random person on msn to pick which one and she chose Jeremy camp so :P. We may do Barlow Girl for the next challenge, and skip the voting process)

Voting for Challenge #8

Time to vote for which artist you want to Iconate for Challenge #8. This time around will be a little different though, instead of picking from any artists on the CM List, you will have a choice of one of the following three:
A. Barlow Girl
B. Jeremy Camp
C. Kutless

- Vote for your top choice
- Voting will end on Tuesday, October 11th

*An added Twist: For challenge #8, Moderators will be allowed to participate in the challenge.