Jess with an "ie" (kerussoe) wrote in cmicons,
Jess with an "ie"

I am alive

Wow. I apologize for completely ignoring this community. I've been so caught up in other things I just kind of shoved it aside. I've noticed it's kind of... lifeless? Not many participants. Which is understandable seeing as a lot of you are probably busy with other things as well. BUT, I'm going to attempt to revive cmicons anyway... give it a new layout, more creative contests, try to keep up on banners, etc.

Also, thank you SO much _distantlullaby and breakingmyfall for keeping up the community. I feel like I kind of threw the responsibility on you and took off.

So lets give it one more shot. :)

EDIT: I'm taking the liberty of deleting the contests in which there were no participants. We'll start with a clean slate.
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